WaterBoss 700


The WaterBoss  High Efficiency water softener is a perfect addition to anyone’s household. It will take care of all the hard water stains and make cleaning easier for the whole family. The WaterBoss water softener is designed to soften the water for a family of up to 4 people.

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WaterBoss 700 High Efficiency Water Softener

Features include:

  • Small size – Only 15″ Wide x 19″ Deep by 26″ Tall.  Extremely small size fits into condos, cottage crawl spaces and even trailers.  Perfect under stairwells and anywhere else that space is a premium.
  • High Efficiency Water Softener – Uses less than 1/2 the salt and 1/3 of the water during regeneration of a typical water softener. Using less salt and water will save your family money and means over the life of the water softener you’ll have far less salt to purchase, put in the trunk of your car and carry into the basement!
  • Extra Strong Cabinet – for long life. Injection molded brine (salt) cabinet. Injection molding assures a consistent thickness of the cabinet, no chance of a thin spot on the corners that may wear and cause a leak.
  • Long Life Media Tank – Is injection molded.
  • Whole house water treatment, ferrous iron reduction, and softening using limited space in your home. The WaterBoss media tank features a built-in, self-cleaning, 20 micron dirt and sediment filter, eliminating the need to change filter cartridges!
  • Easy-To-Program, two button controller with LCD display. The display can be used to check the unit’s status, perform regenerations and change settings. The controller has a default setting or allows the owner to program the time of regeneration and comes with a 3 year limited warranty.


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